Persistence will motivate and inspire you do to hard work. The best productivity tool for Mac.


Results do not come from strength,
but from hard work and persistence.

Requires Mac OS X 10.7+

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Overcome procrastination with Persistence

Persistence is a productivity tool that prevents you from visiting time-wasting sites by motivating and inspiring you to stay focused on your work.

Persistence will pause the funny cat video while you work.

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Visiting a blocked site
Visiting a blocked site
Visiting a blocked site

Increased productivity

Put off procrastination until tomorrow. Use every minute spent on time-wasting sites to finish work. Studies have found students to waste at least 25% of their time on Internet use related to media (e.g., Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, etc.).

Total control

You control which sites you want to block for how long. Procrastination may lead to stress, loss of motivation, and decrease in productivity. Take charge of your time with Persistence.

Motivational boost

Turn procrastination into inspiration. Persistence gives you words to motivate you each time you try to visit a blocked site. This app will keep pushing you to meet any deadline and achieve success.


Whether you restart your computer or delete the app, Persistence will keep helping you overcome distraction.

Browser independent

Persistence is a fully-functional app that is compatible with any browser. Possibilities for productivity are endless with Persistence.


Persistence is completely free. Start saving time and being productive today!

iOS 7 design

The app is designed using iOS 7 and Mavericks design guidelines.

Retina support

Optimized for Retina displays.


Beautiful, simple and easy to use.
Add websites to be blocked.
Adjust timer feature.
Remaining time.

Start being productive now

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Requires Mac OS X 10.7+